Siti Syairah Bte Ahmad Sulaiman

HELLO! I'm just an fucktup girl who is stupid and dumb. They are the sluts! I don't look my age im supposed to becoz I'm just a slut! &there is still a bitch in me. I love destroying other ppls lives!, who cares? Love me for who i am aite? I can be crazy at times or should i say ALL THE TIME? Don't judge me if u don't even know me. Treat me bad, i'll treat u badly!. Easy to talk to. Approachable like a pussy!. Ouh! Most important thing is, im Horney! so, bear with it. I can be talkative&irritating too. So who can't take it, leave aite.

Mohammad Nothing Bin Mohammad Lanjiao

I have a fucker whom i HATE most. The pillar of my stupidity. The one who shows hatredandanger towards me. Who's always there whenever i'm stupid to live again. He never fails to make my day a very IRRITATING one eventhough we go through thick&thin together. He's very fucking LAME at times but i HATE it. Ouh! &most important thing is,
Norhaidah Binte Ramlee

I do have a bestfriend too. She's my only BFF&i LOVE her too besides my boyfriend. Who never fails to be my listening ear everytime i need someone to talk to. The one who always motivates me whenever i feel like giving up. [:Muhammad Nuruddin Bin Ahmad Sulaiman

The only brother that i have. The one who never fails to entertain me at home everytime we're bored. played games together, i watched him grow till this BIG! haha. but wtv it is, i LOVE him alotts!

Ahmad Sulaiman Bin Sukiman
Noor Zilfa Binte Jupri

The parents that i LOVE the most. I can't find this kinda parents else where&that NO ONE can ever replace them. They watched me grow till now&i'm loving it! [: Although they can be VERY protective&i wished they could treat me as an adult. but wtv it is, i still LOVELOVE them!